Fingerprinting Services

Our center offer fingerprinting services for background checks and regulatory requirements.

Below is the list of fingerprinting services that we offer at our center:

  • FBI Fingerprinting
  • ATF Fingerprinting
  • FINRA Fingerprinting
  • Fingerprint Cards
  • Fingerprint Capture & Archive

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FBI Fingerprinting

Get fingerprinted for a background check. Individuals, whether citizens or non-citizens, can undergo fingerprinting for an FBI background check and the results will be promptly emailed within hours.

ATF Fingerprinting

Get fingerprinted for ATF Form 1 or Form 4. The EFT files for the forms will be provided to you for easy upload to ATF eForm Portal.

Fingerprinting Cards

Get fingerprinted using our live scan machine and obtain a printed card with the results. We have FD-258 and FINRA fingerprint cards readily available.

FINRA Fingerprinting

Get fingerprinted for FINRA and have the results directly sent to your firm within 72 hours. Alternatively, you have the option to get fingerprinted on a FINRA card.

Fingerprinting Capture and Archive

Get fingerprinted to capture and archive your fingerprint. This service is designed specifically for the capture and archiving of electronic fingerprints.

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